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Making our school, community and world better for everyone.

 At The Priory, we feel that it is imperative that our children have a voice, are listened to and are able to make tangible changes in the school. Therefore, each class has a project to run over the year.  Each class holds a discussion around what the role entails and why it is important for our school. Then, the children will be involved in making improvements to the school and developing new or on-going projects. Each class will run a collective worship on their project to ignite enthusiasm and learning about the actions that are being taken!

Classes and their Young Leader project

  •  Early Years - Positivity Pals
  • Year 1 and 2 - Eco Warriors 
  • Year 3 - Healthy Heroes
  • Year 4 Chestnut Class- Active Ambassadors
  • Year 4 Cedar - Outdoor Learners
  • Year 5 - Attendance Monitors
  • Year 6 - Reading Celebrators

Chestnut Class - Active Ambassadors class assembly, daily mile and running project!

 Chestnut class led an assembly for the school to encourage the daily mile and remind us of why being active is so important. They ran a quiz and interviewed Mrs Steward on being active. They have also advertised a running club for KS2 and parents on Wednesdays at 7:45am - please let the office know if you would like to join!

Click this link to see the video they made! 

Chestnut Active Ambassadors video 


Cedar Class - Outdoor Learners 


Cedar Class  recruited a team of pupils and parents to begin the first phase of our sensory garden development. On a cold and bleak Saturday November morning, some hardy souls weeded, clipped and chopped back the overgrown patch.  The next phases will be fencing off the area, planting and signage.

A big thank you to:

Dominic Slade

Laura & Richard Cox (plus Barnaby & Torin)

Ian Buddhu (and Daniel)

Olivier Geleoc

​Simon Warrender (plus Freddie)




Cedar's next initiatives will be to encourage every class to use this area as a calm space to relax and become in touch with their spirituality; support classes to have at least one lesson a week with an outdoor focus and provide further resources for break times.

Maple Class and Oak Class - Eco Warriors

Maple Class and Oak Class are our Eco Warriors. They worked hard to present a collective worship to the rest of the school to inform us all about how many trees are cut down, animals killed by plastic and how often paper can be recycled. They have launched an initiative where each class has allocated monitors to ensure that lights and interactive whiteboards are turned off when not needed, that books are cared for and looked after in the classrooms and that rubbish is separated for recycling correctly. Ask who are your monitors for your class!


Beech Class - Healthy Heroes

 Beech Class are our Healthy Heroes who encourage our school community to eat healthily so that are bodies are happy and we are ready to learn. They have encouraged each child to make a poster recommending healthy snacks and lunches and will begin to monitor how healthy everyone's snacks are at break and lunch with stickers available for those making great choices!

Please watch their collective worship below! 




Sycamore  - Reading Celebrators

 Initiatives coming your way soon! 


Hedgehogs and Owls - Positivity Pals

 Initiatives coming your way soon!