The Priory, Church of England Primary School


The vision for The Priory can be summed up by the following sentence…

‘Achievement for all, guided by God.’

At The Priory Primary School, we follow Christ’s teachings through our Core Values...

  • A place with a high level of challenge which, through high expectations, will lead to personal success for everyone.
  • A rich spiritual journey for every pupil.
  • A commitment to the Growth Mindset - that through resilience, reflection, being resourceful and relating to others we can all grow to be effective learners.
  • An understanding that we all have different backgrounds but we all will grow and prosper together with our learning, confidence and character. There will be no child left behind in their learning due to personal circumstances.

Mission Statement

The Priory is a vibrant, Church of England school, aiming to provide an outstanding education, for all children to be happy and confident as they are challenged within a Christian environment of creativity, love and respect.

Our magnificent Victorian school building may be over one hundred years old but we have a 21st-century outlook at The Priory! Our vision for the school is for all children to achieve to their best ability without constraints of personal circumstances.

As a church school, our Christian values underpin everything we do from how we learn, play and interact with each other to caring and encouraging others by following Christ’s example. This is at the very heart of the school and we expect children to be able to learn in a safe environment where resilience, resourcefulness, being reflective and thinking about how we relate to others is a focus for everything we do.

How does this work in practice? Our daily Collective Worship and our adoption of the principles of the ‘Growth Mindset’ mean children and staff are always aware of how we can develop spiritually, morally and academically. We also have a dedicated ‘Well-being’ afternoon each week for all our pupils which incorporates PSHE and the opportunity to select from a range of extension activities to further their skills and experiences beyond the curriculum.

Our school has a cohort of children who represent many different backgrounds and as a school, we aim to be as inclusive as possible to ensure our Christian and British values of tolerance and opportunity for all are embedded. We believe every child should be exposed to exceptional learning experiences and we therefore, set ourselves the aim to reach the highest of standards and levels of well-being.