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The Priory C of E Primary School


Welcome to The Priory Church of England Primary School.

As a church school which embraces its Christian ethos, we are dedicated to the wellbeing of our pupils and our inclusive environment which permeates through everything we do.

‘Achievement for all, guided by God’ is our vision and our aim is to ensure all children thrive no matter their personal circumstances or at what stage they are on with their learning journey. At The Priory we have very high expectations of our children and aim to provide them with the challenge which will advance their learning.

To support this, we follow the principles of the ‘Growth Mindset’ and explore through our special weekly ‘Wellbeing’ afternoons, critical thinking skills to equip our pupils with the abilities to challenge themselves and become effective learners.

The Priory is proud to be a school where learning and wellbeing come first. We are proud of our exciting curriculum that stimulates our children to develop a love of learning so each child can work towards their personal best, in a caring atmosphere, which reflects the Christian values of our school.

Please arrange to visit our school by contacting the school office on 020 8540 8059.

Mr Peter Haddock | Headteacher

…a welcoming, harmonious and caring atmosphere and a secure culture of high expectations among the staff.

- Ofsted 2016

Leaders have successfully created a culture where staff and pupils feel safe and valued.

- Ofsted 2016

…a welcoming and vibrant place which clearly celebrates its embedded Christian foundation whilst being inclusive of those with different backgrounds and beliefs.

- Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) Report December 2016