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Some of you may remember our current Year 4s creating 'Hats of Hopefulness and Hats of Hopelessness' for our whole school 'Take One Picture' week in 2019, when they were in Year 2.  We were so impressed with their creations, that we submitted them to the gallery and they were chosen to be displayed in the exhibition! Unfortunately as we are in Tier 3, the National Gallery is currently closed, but when it opens, please take a look at the exhibition.  The exhibition, based on the painting 'Men of the Docks' by George Bellows is incredible and our Priory hats look fantastic alongside so many other pieces of art from primary schools across the country.  The exhibition will be on until 31st January and is in the Sunley Room, on the second floor - just next to the Dutch masters!



Well done to all the pupils and staff involved.

It all looks wonderful and well worth a visit, when we can.