The Priory CofE Primary School

Healthy Eating

As a school we are focusing this year on how we can develop the children’s wellbeing. This has included learning about emotions, talking about how they feel, learning how to relax, introducing mindfulness and developing physical activities like our running club.

We want to continue focusing on every child’s wellbeing and ensure that all children have the most appropriate fuel inside their bodies to help them learn each day. We want to make sure the food children eat at break time will be a healthy snack.        The children have attended an assembly on being SugarSmart and were keen to follow our mantra that “A healthy diet is a balanced diet”. Year 3 our are 'Healthy Heroes' and will be launching projects to ensure we are eating healthy in and out of school this year. 

We request that the following items should not be included in packed lunches or for snacks:

  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Chocolate bars
  • Crisps (unless baked or low fat)
  • Sweet cakes or sugary doughnuts
  • Any bars containing nuts


 We also request that no edible treats are brought in for birthdays but instead families may provide a book or board game for the class. Teachers will not be allowed to distribute sugary goods as part of birthdays and these will be sent home.

 You can use the following websites for information and ideas for healthy snacks: 

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Fletcher

Deputy Head Teacher


Healthy Eating Activities to complete as a family

 Please visit this website for Healthy Eating Information and enjoy the family activities below! 

hew primary guide 24.pdf


Click here if you are concerned about a child