The Priory CofE Primary School

Plans for Bubbles in 'Isolation'

 At The Priory, we have prepared and planned for a number of different scenarios in the event of a class bubble going into 'isolation'.

We aim to provide as full a curriculum as we can, providing the following for whole-class bubbles that are isolating:

  • Continued support and communication through the Google Classroom;

  • Continued access to class email addresses in order to contact the class teacher/year group colleague;

  • Live Lessons through Google Meet, which will be linked to the Google Classroom (only for whole-class bubbles that are isolating);

  • Pre-recorded lessons on Google Classroom, plus further information on tasks throughout the day;

  • Plus phone calls to the pupils in the bubble from their class teacher (if they are well).

Google Live lessons @ The Priory

Please watch the above video to see what these lessons might look like at The Priory. This example is from a Year 1 class bubble.

Google Live Lessons - Rules for Pupils 

We have set out clear guidance for staff and pupils on safeguarding within these live lessons.

google classroom live lessons pupil rules.pdf

Please go through these with your children, so they feel confident about how the live lessons will work. 

Click here if you are concerned about a child