The Priory CofE Primary School



At The Priory we would all like to celebrate the wonderful home learning that pupils have been doing over the last term. The projects for Autumn 1 were:


  Please view the children's work below.

It is so great to see what jobs our pupils aspire to do when they grow up... We are so proud of you all! Well done. 

Lizzie in Yr 1 

Lizzie you would create a beautiful garden.

Zoya in Yr 1


What a great idea! 

Arthur in Yr 1


Arthur, that is very kind. A lovely colourful picture!

Florence Shirley in Yr 1


 Ah, you would be a wonderful teacher!

Barnaby Carter in Yr 1


 Two jobs! That's great! You would be fabulous at both!

Another Yr 1 entry

This is fabulous! You will create amazing designs! 

Conrad in Yr 1

This is amazing! It all sounds yummy!

Jerome in Yr 1

You could go on spectacular adventures all around space...

How wonderful!

Annabel in Yr 1

Inspired by Jackson Pollock. Wonderful!

James Doherty in Yr 2


Great idea James!

Zac in Yr 2



That is such a cool job! So adventurous and exciting!

Matheus in Yr 2

You have plenty of time and lots of exciting jobs to choose from...

Freddie Warrender in Yr 3 / 4

Freddie this is lovely! You would be great at this job! 

Another Yr 3 / 4 entry

A wonderful job, looking after everybody!

Louis in Yr 3 / 4

This explains the positives and negatives to being a footballer. Great! But which team would you play for?


 We have some extremely creative pupils at The Priory. 

James Doherty in Yr 2

James combined the writing and creative projects. He realised he loved abstract art...


Another Yr 2 entry

He chose to do a drawing in the style of Romero Britto, a Brazilian artist. 

This is the painting he was inspired by.

Samuel Ellerker in Yr 3 / 4

Samuel's version of Rain's Rustle using watercolours.

Original painting by Leonid Afremov - Rain's Rustle

Oli in Yr 3 / 4

Oli was inspired by Jackson Pollock... Beautiful!

Other work that we are all very proud of...


 Year 1 - Zoya's wonderful retelling of Goldilocks and the three bears.  Enjoy...

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