The Priory CofE Primary School


At The Priory one of the charities that we support is the Lunchbowl Network. It was set up in 2006 in response to the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kibera slum Nairobi, in Kenya.
Since then the Lunchbowl Network have helped to regularly feed and take care of 450 orphaned and vulnerable children. They have a dedicated team of 70 carers, all mothers living in the Kibera, who voluntarily look after these orphaned and vulnerable children on a daily basis within their extended households.
The Lunchbowl Network also provides a rescue programme for vulnerable girls and boys who are at a very high risk of abuse. These children are individually sponsored and now receive an education in schools where they can flourish and be given hope for their future.


In May 2013 Lunchbowl opened a kindergarten in Kibera for the orphaned and vulnerable young children aged 4-6 years old, providing learning through play for 60 children who also attend our feeding programme.

The money raised by The Priory is used to provide food for the daily feeding programme in the slum. £1 pays for 3 hot nutritional meals, cooked on-site in the slum by our team of carers.


To find out more about the Lunchbowl programme or how you can get involved please click here

The provision the Lunchbowl Network are now offering to the Kibera slum's most vulnerable children, it has grown to include a new school which will educate children up to age 14. This is a massive development as previously the Angel Kindergarten was only able to take children up to age 7. The new school is called Good Samaritan and is located about 20 minutes drive from the slum. The children travel on the bus to the school every day, thanks to the new school buses (purchased thanks to generous donations from their sponsors). They are now educating about 450+ children across both schools. Each child is given a hot substantial dinner at school every day, and much of the money they raise in their UK sponsoring schools helps to pay for this. Every pound raised still provides 3 hot dinners. They have also used UK school donations to purchase art supplies and playground equipment for the two Kibera schools. The dinner programme in the slum is also still running every Saturday and feeding about 450 children weekly. 


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