The Priory CofE Primary School


The Priory is keen to promote a creative and exciting curriculum for our children. We have planned our curriculum based on a themed approach. Please click here to go to the Curriculum Map pages to find out more about these themes and how we planned the curriculum. 

Whilst planning our curriculum, we were keen to embed black history into our whole school curriculum. So that it is not just studied in one month of the year, but throughout the year in our History curriculum.  We also planned a Diversity, BAME and Collective Worship annual overview, that plans to introduce key people and events in history into shared Collective Worships. So that as a school, we can learn from and appreciate these people and what they did, or the hardships they had to experience and how we can reflect and learn from them for the future.  

diversity bame collective worship annual overview.pdf


Themes for the Curriculum

Click on the above link to view the whole school overview of themes for our curriculum. 

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