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The Priory C of E Primary School


At The Priory, we are passionate about addressing environmental issues throughout our school. We believe that being an eco-school encourages teamwork and helps to create a shared understanding of what it takes to run a school in a way that respects and enhances the environment we live in.  

Our ‘Eco Team’ is made up of one child from each KS2 class. We feel it is important that the children understand what the role of being part of the ‘Eco Team’ entails and encourage them to volunteer within their class. Within the first meeting as a team, a school ‘Eco Code’ will be drawn up to be shared with the rest of the school and staff. This code reflects The Priory’s commitment to being sustainable.

Our main targets include:

  • Reducing air pollution;
  • Refurbishment of the ‘Quiet Garden’;
  • Fundraising for charities.

The Eco Team meets regularly throughout the term.

The members of our team undertake many responsibilities, including:

  • Working collaboratively on school projects;
  • Liaising with School Council on shared targets;
  • Carrying out assemblies in order to communicate progress, ideas and actions;
  • Looking after different areas around the school;
  • Producing posters and displays;
  • Encouraging litter picking within the playground;
  • Promote recycling around the school.