The Priory CofE Primary School




Progression of Skills Map

At The Priory we want to engage, inspire and challenge pupils through art and design.  We introduce the children to a broad range of techniques, materials and artists, craftspeople and designers.  We want to equip them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, explore, take risks, invent and create.  

 We believe in teaching children different skills in Art and Design alongside the history of Art and how it has contributed to the culture and creativity of our nation.  They become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture as well as other art and design techniques.  

During their time at The Priory, the children study a huge range of artists, representing different parts of the world and different time periods.  We also aim to challenge perceptions of Art and discuss the purpose of Art in today’s society.  We look at artists who have changed the world and changed people’s thinking.  

 By exploring why art is relevant to all our lives, we aim to make certain that pupils feel entitled to develop their creativity, and understand their place in the world as creative, confident beings.

“Art puts you in a different zone to other lessons because when you do Art, you feel free” Year 6 pupil.

“I enjoy experimenting with oil pastels and paints.” Year 4 pupil.

“I love Art because we get to do all sorts of craft and make new things.” Year 2 pupil. 


At The Priory, we follow the Access Art curriculum. Our curriculum is designed around the idea that art is far more than a series of technical skills, our holistic curriculum nurtures creative thinking skills and helps ensure your pupils learn through art, as well as about art.


The children complete three units of Art and Design each year, alternating half terms with DT.  Each unit focuses on a different aspect of Art and has introductory work based on artists for the children to explore.  

 The key areas of our curriculum:  

  • Drawing and Sketchbooks
  • Print, Colour, Collage
  • Working in Three Dimensions
  • Paint, Surface, Texture
  • Collaboration and Community




 At The Priory, sketchbooks are at the heart of our art curriculum. They allow the children to develop their ability to be individually and creative artists.  Our sketchbooks are used in a very different way to other exercise books - they are personal to the children and individual.  Children are encouraged to experiment, be creative and explore their own work.  Children at The Priory are very proud of their sketchbooks.

“I love using my sketchbook because you can be as creative as you want.” Year 6 pupil. 






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